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Player: November Rain - Nov 2010


A deep progressive house and trance mix, with sweeping strings and shimmering vocals, featuring the deeper side of house with standout tracks from Tom Fall, Soundprank and more!

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Tracklist and Buy Links

Artist Title iTunes Beatport
Alex Monakhov Order of Chaos  
Download from Beatport
Aeron Aether Searching For a Memory (Sundriver Instrumental Mix)  
Download from Beatport
Soundprank Storm
Audio Junkies Deeper
Tom Fall Dive
Maor Levi Chasing Love
Nick Stoynoff Tokyo Nights
BT + Andrew Bayer Emergency (Today is the Day Mix)
Pablo Acenso In Bold Letters
Soundprank Endgame (Stefan Anions Fallout Mix)
Download from Beatport
Ad Brown As The Rain Falls feat Kerry Leva
Download from iTunes
Blackwatch and Hybrid Alright (Blackwatch Vocal Mix)
Download from iTunes
Cassino and Laben Uncle Jonney Likes Cocaine  
Download from Beatport
Jemmy The Annexe

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